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Covid info, guidelines and restrictions

Publiceringsdato: 21. apr. 2021


MusMik is open again from May 21st. 

It is no longer required to wear a mask or a visor when at MusMik. 

There is no authority requirements to show a covid-passport. However, MusMik recommend that all parents/grown up take a test before classes.

During covid, guests are not allowed. This means that it will not be possible to bring an extra parent, grandparent, sibling or other guest to the classes.
However, the child will not have to participate with the same parent/grown up for each class.

It is still possible to book replacement classes at your My MusMik, but as we have limited our numbers in each class, we might not have as many free spots to book for replacement classes as usual.

During covid, each course has been limited to 5-10 children in each class. For replacement classes, we try to keep the numbers limited to 8 children in each class.

Payment will be drawn by course start. Classes that are cancelled due to covid restrictions, will be deducted from your payment.

MusMik will take responsibility for:

  • Available alcohol-based hand sanitizer in all rooms and touch free faucet in the bathroom.
  • Diligent cleaning and frequent disinfection of handles and touchpoints.
  • Airing all rooms out before, during and after classes. (If sensitive to cold or draft, please consider bringing some extra clothing).
  • Cleaning playthings, instruments and props between every class. However, we have things (drums for example) that will not take well to alcohol, water and soap. We will either avoid using theese or, when used, ask all participants to use hand sanitizer before and after use of these.
  • We plan our classes with a close eye on distance and avoidance of too much close contact. However, we are well aware that our classes are with- and for young kids and babies and our goal is fun, "hygge" and learning.
  • Lower maximum of participants in each class.
  • We will follow announcements from the authorities and regulate our practice according to these.

Guidelines for participants at MusMik

When attending MusMik, we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • You and your child doesn´t have any covid-19 symptoms now or within the past 48 hours.
  • Please stay at home if you have been in close contact with someone infected with covid-19 and have not yet had a negative test answer.
  • You and your child wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when entering MusMik.
  • If your child´s face is smudged, kindly clean the face of your child before- or when entering MusMik.
  • Avoid unnessesary stay in the corridor or staircase. Outerwear can be placed in the waiting room.
  • In order to avoid too many people in the studio at the same time, we encourage that you leave MusMik when your class is over.

  • 21. apr. 2021: Covid info, guidelines and restrictions

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