Music, song, movement and rythm for Babies & Toddlers

MusMik music school provides English based classes for babies and toddlers. The class, instruction and songs will be in English.

We sing songs, nursery rhymes, dance, do knee rides, swing the babies, use coloured scarfs, blow bubbles, use small rhythmic instruments and much more.

Stimulation of senses

The contact and closeness between parent and child is in focus while the child’s musicality, motor function and senses will be stimulated. MusMik is done in a comprehensive manner with many variations, nuances and contrasts.

Song is the core of the classes. While singing, one is able to express more emotional nuances, create more pictures and recall more warm memories than while speaking. The best voices are those of the mother and father, no matter how well they sing.

Stimulation of your babies senses is essential to it's physical, mental and motile development. At the same time stimulation of the senses can be a source of happiness and aesthetic experiences.

Babies are instinctively more receptive to music and variety and quality of sonorious than at any other stage of life.

The musical foetus

The foetus of no more than 6 months is a conscious, reacting tiny human being, able to hear, see, taste, experience, learn, remember and feel.

It is a well documented fact that the foetus as well as the new born baby, react to music and rhythmical stimulation. The foetus will move its body in time with the speech of the mother and studies even show that the foetus can sense the emotional content of the mothers voice.

Babies of two months do not only emulate the expression of the singing of the mother and father, but also the hight of the notes and the movement of the melody.

The child is very sensitive to moods and will foremost listen for the message within the parent's voices. The recognition of their voices is a great security to the child.

Marie Haxthausen
Marie Haxthausen, Cand. Musicae

Teachers, English based classes

Marie Haxthausen is the manager- and a teacher at MusMik music school. She has been a teacher of childrens music, rhytmics and dance at the Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (DKDM), from where she also has a master’s degree (Cand. Musicae). She has 17 years of experience, teaching children’s music and has been taught by two of the founders of baby music and rhythmic in Denmark.

Apart from this, Marie has done several workshops and seminars for kinder garden teachers and for "Mestersangerne", Copenhagen Opera festival.